Chiquitoy is a fund located in the Chicama Valley, in the Ascope province, La Libertad department. Its 3 200 hectares area stand next to both the Cartavio and Casa Grande terrains. Chiquitoy's main activity is to develop the agricultural activities in the sowing of sugar cane, as well as its commercialization.

In March 2006, the Gloria Group acquires through its subsidiary Fondo de Inversiones Diversificadas S.A. the credits for the Empresa Agrícola Chiquitoy S.A. from the former owners.  

In accordance to their strategic plan of decentralization and amplification of the productive capacity, the Gloria Group was dedicated through the year 2006 to seed all the sowing area and maximize the productivity of its lands, accomplishing excellent results.

Empresa Agrícola Chiquitoy S.A.
Plaza 24 de Junio s/n - Chiquitoy
Ascope, La Libertad
Phone / Fax: (044) 442150