Agroindustrias San Jacinto S.A.A., is an agro-industry company dedicated to the cultivation, processing and industrialization of sugarcane and the commercializing of products and by-products derived from its principal activity, such as Sugar (white, refined and blonde), alcohols, molasses, bagasse fiber, etc. San Jacinto has 12.337 hectares of land, but only 7.831 of them are suitable for growing sugar cane.

San Jacinto is located in Nepeña Valley, in the Ancash region, about 45 kilometers from  Chimbote city and 405 km from Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru. As the only sugar mill in the region has great potential for agricultural and commercial growth in the area. His influence involves direct agricultural valleys as Santa, Lacramarca, Nepeña and Casma, in which developing and promoting their own crops and private growers.

The climatic diversity of Nepeña Valley, the fertility of their soils and the presence of the irrigation canal of the special project of Chinecas, that will ensure largely water resources, make this valley, one of the driest on the Peruvian coast, as a proper area not only to the cultivation of sugar cane, but also of various agricultural products, all of this, under the development of drip irrigation schemes on a large scale.

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