The Empresa Agroindustrial Casa Grande S.A.A.'s main activity is the sowing and processing of sugar cane and commercialization of products derived from cane, such as sugar, alcohol, molasses and bagasse. This company was, centuries ago, the first and largest sugar industry enterprise in Peru, and it is part of the Gloria Group since January 29, 2006. The Gloria Group, already owning a 12% share of stock, closed the Public Bidding of Acquisition (Oferta Pública de Adquisición - OPA) obtaining through its subsidiary Corporación Azucarera del Perú S.A. - COAZUCAR the remaining share of stock to get the ownership at 57%.

Casa Grande is located 50 km north of Trujillo and 600 km north of Lima, in the province of Ascope, department of La Libertad. Casa Grande owns a property of 29 383 hectares , of which 20 000 can be destined to the sowing of sugar cane, leaving the remainig area to different usage. The Chicama river is the main source of irrigation of Casa Grande, pouring almost 400 million cubic meters per year to the property.

The Gloria Group has in their objectives the improvement of the industrial processes in Casa Grande, acquiring new machinery and modernizing the existing ones to obtain high quality standards. Also the enlargement of the sowing area, being at 11 000 hectares and the fulfillment of obligations contracted by third parties, to ensure the well-being of the community.

Therefore, Casa Grande consolidates itself as the leader of the sugar market in Peru with very high levels of market participation.  

Empresa Agroindustrial Casa Grande S.A.A.
Av. Parque Fábrica s/n, Casa Grande
Ascope, Chocope
La Libertad , Peru.
Phone: (51) 044 443343