Companies within Gloria Group base their success and growth on the following statements of values:

Meeting obligations
All our acts are governed by honesty, transparency and ethics, as well as by strict compliance with our obligations and by strict adherence to the laws existing in the markets where we operate.

Work dedication
We encourage a work ethic in which effort and dedication on behalf of our collaborators is geared to provide the highest quality services and products and to ensure customer and suppliers satisfaction.

Prudent management of funds
We recognize the importance of rational planning and managing the Group’s resources, ensuring soundness and continuity for the benefit of our suppliers, customers, employers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

Success-oriented culture
We set demanding goals for ourselves and work tenaciously to achieve them. We seek to maintain and/or reach positions of leadership in all activities undertaken.

Personal orientation
We acknowledge the valuable contribution, which our personnel make towards the growth and success of the Group. We encourage teamwork and value professionalism, initiative and the creativity of our employees.

Corporate social responsibility
We realize that we are part of and interact within a social system. All our decisions and acts are congruent with such a social system. We contribute to the conservation and renewal of natural resources, as well as to the progress of the communities in which we carry out our activities.